X2CRM 6.0 - open source Yii CRM Workflow Engine

Hello Yii Community,

Last week we released X2CRM version 6.0 built on Yii 1.1

Founded in 2011 and after five years of growth we are now at the stage where X2CRM Cloud Hosting Services now can fully fund company operations. At the same time it was felt 6.0 was the right time to fully open source X2Platinum Edition. With version 6, all commercial X2CRM editions have now been combined into a single release and relicensed under the GNU Affero GPL v3 open source license. X2CRM is fully committed to providing the best open source CRM software. Having one open source edition will make it easier to add new features and also to share the full power of X2CRM as free and open software.

As software developers, you not only want to be successful with the applications you create, but also see them used as fully as possible, by as many folks as possible. Now having only one, X2CRM software application will enable a much richer extension ecosystem around the fully open source X2CRM platform. Join us in the coming weeks as we transform X2Community.com into a real thriving code and CRM knowledge sharing destination.

The X2CRM 6.0 release centered on user experience improvements with the additional of a new lighter default theme and a new Night theme. X2Tough mobile applications continue to be a priority and are in active development with new versions rolling out over the next few weeks.


X2CRM Team