X2Crm 3.0 Released - Yii Powered Marketing And Sales Software

Hello Yii Community. Yesterday after seven months of development we posted X2CRM 3.0 release. You can see the live X2CRM Demo.

X2CRM 3.0 http://www.x2crm.com

Release Notes:

(Professional Edition only) X2Flow automation system (beta)

Visual, drag-and-drop designer makes it easy to create convenient and powerful automation flows

Automation flows can enact changes, create records, and a broad range of other operations ("actions") whenever certain events ("triggers") take place

Supports a very extensive set of actions and triggers

Greatly improved Actions module; streamlined, user-friendly interface

New and improved Quotes module

Line items can be re-ordered after adding them

Can add adjustments to the total, i.e. tax and shipping; displays subtotal vs. total if there are adjustments

Support for arbitrary quote/invoice templates, which can be created and designed via “Create Quote” in the Docs module, and loaded/sent via email by going to the Quote’s record view

Customizable login and notification sounds

X2CRM 3.0 Screenshot

System Diagram:

very good application