X2Crm 2.5 Open Source Crm Released

Yesterday we shipped X2CRM 2.5. Yii Powered sales, marketing a service application.

Checkout the live demo and download here: http://www.x2crm.com

X2CRM 2.5 Changelog


Track using a simple embed code on your website

Real time notifications when a contact visits the website

New large Google Maps page with heatmap and tag-based filtering

You can now hide tags

Numerous bug fixes

Duplicate checker - major usability improvements

New web form designer (Professional edition)

Contact lead capture

Service request form

Save multiple forms

Fully customizable fields

Charts and reports - UI enhancements

Notifications - improved behavior and stability

Translations - new Dutch and Spanish packs

Much more complete sample data

Improved page load time on most pages

New login page


Welcome to X2CRM v2.5! X2CRM is a next-generation, open source social sales application for small and medium sized businesses. X2CRM was designed to streamline contact and sales actions into one compact blog-style user interface. Add to this contact and colleague social feeds and sales representatives become smarter and more effective resulting in increased sales and higher customer satisfaction.

X2CRM is unique in the crowded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) field with its compact blog-style user interface. Interactive and collaborative tools which users are already familiar with from social networking sites such as

tagging, pictures, docs, web pages, group chat, discussions boards and rich mobile and tablet apps are combined within a compact and fast contact sales management application. Reps are able to make more sales contacts while leveraging the combined social intelligence of peers enabling them to add more value to their customer interactions resulting in higher close rates.

System Requirements

A web server that can execute PHP

A password-protected MySQL database server connection, and a database on which the user of the connection has full permissions rights (i.e. SELECT, DROP, CREATE and UPDATE)

PHP 5.3 or later

PHP must be run as the same system user that owns the directory where X2CRM will be installed

The server must have internet access for automatic updates

The server must be publicly accessible for web lead capture, service requests and email tracking to work

X2CRM comes with a requirements check script, "requirements.php", which you can upload by itself to your server. Simply visit the script in your browser to see if your server will run X2CRM.


Upload X2Engine to the web directory of your choice.

Create a new MySQL database for X2Engine to use

Navigate to the x2engine web folder in your browser and you will be redirected to the installer.

Fill out the form, click install, and that’s it!

You are now ready to use X2Engine. If you chose to install Dummy Data, you will have about 1100 contacts, 125 actions, and 30 accounts to play with.

Creating the Action Reminder Cronjob

As we don’t have access to your server, you’ll need to create a cronjob to make the server send out action reminders. You can either do this on your own server or use a free service on the internet to run it for you. All you need to do is have the cronjob access the url once a day to send out action reminders:

http://www.[yourserver].com/[path to x2engine]/actions/sendReminder


Most of the included language packs were produced by copy/paste from Google Translate and copy/paste. If you have any corrections, suggestions or custom language packs, please feel free to post them on www.x2community.com

We greatly appreciate your input for internationalization!