X2Contacts - new Yii CRM, Social Sales Contact Management App

Hello Yii community,

Yesterday we released X2Contacts beta 2, a Contact Management application written on top of Yii. We spent over six months building X2Engine and we could not be more happy with our decision to build on Yii - thank you!

Check out a demo here: http://www.x2engine.com/live-demo-server/

Feature list: http://www.x2engine.com/features/

Download it here: http://www.x2engine.com/download/

Please send us your feedback and features suggestions: http://www.x2community.com

Again, we would like to thank the Yii community for creating such a wonder PHP framework to build on.



It’s very nice. But why i can’t login with admin:admin?

congrats! looks great , i ll try it now :)

me too , may be the backend functionality is closed ?

nice stuff keep it up

Hey guys, sorry about that!

There was a small bug with our cleanup on the Demo Server that wasn’t setting the admin password properly. It should be all fixed now.