wysiwyg editor

Hello everyone.

Does anyone know where I can get wysiwyg editor like the one used on this forum or similar that allows paste code snippets?


CKEditor is the best I’ve found that works great with Yii.

But it does not support pasting code snippets, as far as I know.

Does not such an editor exist at all?

plz check >> http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/wysiswyg/

Nice editor but it does not allow pasting code snippets. Can you add such a feature to your editor?

Hate to dig up a thread here, but is there any editor out there that allows the pasting of code snippets? Even if its simple as the one used in the comments sections in the extensions.

What exactly did you mean by "paste code spippets"?

If you are looking wysiwyg for BBCode editing - take look for https://github.com/wbb/WysiBB (Not tested in details, but looks promising)

If you need to insert code snippet with params for highlight in wysiwyg editor you can use plugins, like this for TinyMce: https://github.com/RichGuk/syntaxhl

To highlight added into content on site you can use something like:

http://alexgorbatchev.com/SyntaxHighlighter/ (for plugin mentioned above)



Also i think it is not difficult to write such plugins to any other wysiwyg editors for ex. CKEditor.