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Our company has made a new project www.telefision.com. Telefision Interactive Rooms designed for all kinds of distant communication and collaboration, making it useful for holding interactive presentations, virtual meetings, and much more. It is based on a real-time synchronized surface, meaning all changes are instantly visible to other participants, etc.

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The Daily Webinars of Dukascopy Bank www.dukascopy.com/tv/Live or www.telefision.com/room/communitytv.

Older webinars can be found and viewed on YouTube, for example Daily Webinar 13 July 12:00 GMT


Yii Framework, Zend AMF, Adobe ActionScript, Adobe Flash Media Server, SmartFoxServer, MySQL

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We are currently working on developing the project with improved design and additional functionality. Your coments and suggestions are welcome!


lookin gr8,

nice use of flash…

+1 for this.

Bill Lagogiannis: Hi Sharma! - I was happy to see your product telefision on ducascopy. I have some requirements for a new website launch using telefision. If you are available please call me - I have left you a message on skype. Thanks

Yes Bill…

that project is not develop by me

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