Hi everyone,

I would like to show you my new Website :


The goal of Teachother is to organise all the world’s educational material so students can find out where to begin when they want to learn something.

  • Anyone can create lessons on Teachother.

  • A Teachother lesson, is a checklist of things you should learn.

  • The "things you should learn" are links to articles, videos or books on other Web sites.

  • The lessons can be reused by other users to quickly specify the prerequisites of a lesson they are creating.

There is not much on there for now (we are just starting). You guys are welcome to contribute! Creating a lesson on Teachother will help people who want to learn AND it will drive trafic to your content!

Teachother has been developed on Yii 1.1. And it’s running on a MySQL database. I started working on this Website in 2008! I had to learn everything from scratch, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql and Yii! In the beginning I started developping this in PHP. Then I started looking at a few PHP Frameworks to accelerate development. After looking at a lot of frameworks, I choose Yii and It turned out to be an excellent choice! I found Yii easy to learn, and boy, it’s fast.

I hope Teachother will be useful for a lot of people.

Your feeback is Welcome!

very nice … good job

here is the link [b]www.teachother.education

[/b]I like the idea and hope you will get plenty of lessons to offer to your visitors !![b]




good job!

Thanks! If anyone wants to create a lesson on Yii or any other subject, that would be great.

The idea of Teachother is to organize learning material so other users do not have to go through everything that’s available.

If you learned something online, let others know how you did it. Or if you are an expert on a subject, let others know where is the best material to learn.

Lessons can also link to your own content of course!

Suggestions or any positive/negative feedback is welcome.

I just uploaded a video that explains how Teachother Works


Let me know what you think!

Nice job! I like your landing page, simple, clear and beautiful.

Teachother is looking for contributors!


Thanks for your help!