Hi all,

I’ve been working with a couple of frameworks over the past year and a bit. I have to say so far my favourite is Yii. Its easy to code with, its fast, and its sooo extensive.

My first Yii project I’ve done is a website for setting and sharing goals with other people who are looking for motivation and to get a bit of a boost from achieving their dreams.

Its called Solid Goals

check it out:



Looks great! :)

Very clean.

Nice start. Keep working on it.

yep! I agree, design is great!

Thanks guys,

I’ve got a few more ideas that I’m in the process of working on for this website so watch this space!


Very clean

Can I know how you have have gone about creating the search results and sort by, it really looks very good

After a user creates a goal the fields are stripped of ‘noise words’ (eg. and, the, a etc.) and put into a separate table for usage with a fulltext search.

When a user inputs a string it searches against this table and pulls in the results. You can also put in keywords such as ‘tags: <tag> <search string>’ to filter the results even further.