www.shalomlife.com - migrated into Yii Framework

We have migrated www.shalomlife.com from plain PHP (no templates or framework) into Yii. Previous code was unmanageable. New code is clean and easy to understand and update. Time for the development-testing-production process has significantly decreased.

Since the migration we have not seen any performance degradation on the server side. Instead there is a huge performance improvement on the user-side due to the reduced page weight. We started resizing images on upload and saving multiple copies of the same image. When the image is displayed on a page, we link to the exact image size. That has reduced the weight of a page by about 50%!

The migration process was too long due to the previous code and some problems with developers… We found that Yii developers are harder to find compared to just straight PHP. We’re lucky we have found them now.

Few parts of the site still use the old code - Blogs and ShalomPages, we will migrate them later.

Also we use elRTE editor and find it very useful. We are working with elRTE developers to update it to the latest version very soon.

Please take a look and let me know if you see any bugs or have any questions. Thanks!

Like this.

nice work

Good work, good luck with new site :)

nice work…