Got into Yii about a month ago after a tip from a friend. I had built some Wordpress sites before but that wasnt really a good experience… Then my friends and I started this gaming community and we needed a website so I took the opportunity and started with Yii, now its up so take a look and tell me what you think :)


There are still some bugs, missing features and alot of optimization to do ofc

just saw your Yii application…UI is really marvelous…really a great work on Design and Layouts.

Give a great feel of flash based Gaming sites.

Best of luck Guys…!!!

very nice clan site !! … Did you develop you own forum or integrate an existing one ?

Good job !!


Thanks man!

Not sure if I missunderstand you on the flashpart though but there is none on that site, only js, css and html

Developed my own, on Yii ofcourse :) And thanks!

Nice site! Although I am not a fan of fixed backgrounds. It gets a bit distracting when scrolling + reading.