Launched this web app to help with memorisation of Quran. The Quran is the Holy Book of Islam and all Muslims strive to memorise as much as they can. This app helps to manage the memorisation and revision of the Quran. It makes heavy use of javascript and provides a very visual, interactive and fun way of memorisation. First release was in December 2010 and have lots of features in the pipeline.



Very nice and clean design.

“Remember me next time” isn’t aligned with checkbox properly in Opera 11.

Any difficulties encountered / special tech used?

Excellent, i love this site.

Thanks guys. I can’t take credit for the overall design as it is from a purchased template and I agree that it is a really nice design. However, I did do the app UI myself which I am quite proud of as I am primarily a backend developer :)

No problems in particular, just getting my head around Yii/new framework. I have enjoyed working with it but I still feel that I need to understand the foundations more. I love the Model/ORM and Gii, its fantastic. I started the project in ZF but it was taking so long that I decided to give Yii a go and I’m really glad I did.

BTW, here’s that template if anyone is interested:


so cool!