www.oppettidr.se is a yii-bootstrap made site in Swedish that focuses on providing open hours information about stores and banks in Sweden.

Swedish translation:

www.oppettidr.se är en site gjord med yii-bootstrap. Siten fokuserar på att ha öppettider till olika affärer och banker i Sverige.

ps.The twitter-bootstrap theme is from bootswatch.com

pss. Please provide feedback, specially design/layout.

psss. Any questions about the site and how things are done i will gladly answer.

pssss. The site should look good in androind and iphone as well.



good work guys i have look at the site look nice

Thank you! Any suggestions about the background? i think its too bright… but when i try to make it darker some other stuff on the page becomes too bright haha. i am not a good graphics designer.