We have redesigned our company web site (Book Boat Tickets online) using Yii 1.0.7!!

You can see it at http://www.Maroc-Ferry.com

Thanks :)

Well done! Nice handy design + fast requests execution.

nice site !! very clear … Bravo Jamal ;)

…I’ve noted a small problem when you resize the browser (FF3.5) to a narrow width. The alyout becomes messy (see attached screenshot)


@ WebShark : Thanks ::)

@ Raoul : Merci, je vais essayé de corriger le BUG dans la prochaine version du site

( C’est pas un Bug Bloquant, n’est ce pas ? )

… non, ce n’est pas bloquant (no, this layout issue is not blocking ;) )



pretty cool and fast!

One thing - when I change the language to english and search for something, I get a french message :(