Hello guys,

I’m a new Yii user and after a couple of weeks learning how Yii works I was able to finish my first application. iChurchNotes.com

Done completely using Yii for the web and also mobile web version.

There are still some issues for IE users but other than that works really well.

Use your mobile to create notes, highlight words and much more and it saves automatically.

Create your account now:


My next step now is to develop for iPhone and Android.

BTW Thanks for this community to help me answering my dummy questions and giving me advices ;)

Please feel free to comment, suggest or to criticize.





lookin nice, but on registration page i can not schroll down and can not see "Sign Up" button,

after removing this CSS ( overflow: hidden; from styles.css #main ) I can see whole registration form.

I am using firefox 15.0.1 with windows 7 os.

+1 for your site. :D

Looks really nice.

Though on clicking Create Account mysql error appears at the moment with all the debug information. I’d rather render user-friendly error page without showing project installation details )

yes yugene ,

Thers an error on create page and some js errors on login page also…

Thanks for the feedback guys but can you send me a screenshot of the create page error because I can’t reproduce.

Thank you very much!!!

I had sent you error image (screenshot) path in personal conversation…

I would enhance the routes for example from /notes/index.php/mynotes/default/update/id/82 to /notes/update/82.

The header has a small bug (i think) when you resize the browser window. there are two colors, or 1 image and one background color which would explain the difference.

I personally don’t like the layout of the icons in the note editor. Why don’t you use a responsive design for the app? There are no images so it could be easily expanded in the width.

The notes in the sidebar are not highlighted when the mouse is over the date.

When you try to update a note that is not yours you get an error message "Fatal error: Call to a member function getErrors() on a non-object in /home/ichurchnotes/iChurchNotes.com/notes/framework/web/helpers/CHtml.php on line 1705"

When you visit the main page there are still the links for login and signing up, although you are logged in.

I hope this helps:)