www.ftzmall.com the Cross Border Trade Project by IBM

hi,dear all

Now ,here we are very happy to share our new project with you: http://www.ftzmall.com

This is an e-commerce project 50% based on Yii framework and developed by IBM Commerce CBT team.

At the beginning, we may want to use Drupal as the CMS part for the whole store system; However, Drupal is too heavy.

So, we choose Yii framework to develop the CMS and core shopping flow as well as commercial widgets(each selling layer is created by the widget). and we can also provide the activity module feature to our customer for developing their own activities such as:http://www.ftzmall.com/act/page.html?view=index

We also develop the mobile version : http://m.ftzmall.com

I have to say, this is a new try for us,especially for IBM. We use the yii framework to develop the application layer and interact with Java based service layer through RESTful style APIs.

After all, all of our team members think this is a successful try.For any other information,please leave me a message.


(By the way,enjoy the website and buy some overseas goods with much lower price on 12.12 if you are located in China )

Thanks for sharing. Is it 1.1 or 2.0? What were difficulties building the project? Any bad/good things because of Yii?

It is very convenient for us to use Yii 2.0

This is a new project on the market, so we do not feel too much viewing pressure.

But we do use the widget feature to develop the products shopping layer on each page and use the module mechanism to develop various promotion activities such as The Singles’Day and the Christmas Day.

I believe that yii 2.0 is a better choice for making a balance between the performance and flexibility.

If you want to start a startup project ,you can use Yii. It will provide you many common feature.

By the way, we also use the HHVM for our project and we didn’t find any problem up to now.

Good. If you have any problems or want to contribute to Yii in any way or talk about it publically contact me.

Great, how can I join as a contribute member for yii project? although yii is a great framework, its spreading trend has become slow down these days. I also think the development of many yii modules are best practices. May be sometime I am a little busy, but I like to share my experience of using yii framework when I was free and I also want to know and discuss the future plan of yii framework.

I want to make some contribution for yii project .

For our ftzmall project, and some other Java rest service based projects,I think the curl or socket Model which supports data provider or other features such as validator, active form would better be included in the core part with yii framework. Because using php to develop the business layer without database,and interact with backend though restful APIs is common to see in many middle scale project.

You don’t have to pass any formal procedure in order to contribute: http://www.yiiframework.com/contribute/