www.cubshop.ro, www.bertis.ro

Two sites I made in Yii…

CubShop - 95% finished, I need to tune up the search engine.


I want to say many thanks to the creators/developers of Yii, also BIG thanks to forum members who asked my beginner questions.

Every day I discover another amazing feature of the framework I’m thrilled by the simplified approach, ease of use and optimization/speed. (Ease of use wasn’t always “ease” for me, at the beginning of learning Yii I was totally lost between the code fragments and where-to-put? examples)

Although I didn’t worked with other frameworks, based on comparisons, I’m highly supporting the fact - Yii is the framework of the future.


Look good, I would just improve design, especially left sidebar with categories, it is hard to read.

I saw that prices are in Lei, are you still use Lei as currency in Romania?

Thank you for the feedback!

That’s true - it’s hard to read the long list of categories… Especially when clicking a category from bottom… Too sad, it’s a feature requested by the client, so I’m not forcing the change.

Yes - happily we still use Lei. The euro change will introduce a lot of devaluation so I’m not waiting at all.