www.arec.com.ua - AMERICAN RECORDS

Hi to all yii-developers, I’m glad to present my first site written on YII. I use URLManager for SEO friendly URL’s, ELangHandler for multilaguage support, AcriveRecord for all sections of site, AJAXDownloader for upload demo, I use php class for read mp3 info and make extension for it, and I use maxmind base for geologging users thap play or download mp3 from projects sections that also ported in extension

aahaa\hh…its showing error page…!!

please have a look it.

Property "News.ntitle_en_us" is not defined. 

how you do this!?

I use rus, ukr, eng languages

Well i was using http://www.arec.com.ua .But now it is working fine…:)

Nice site, and simple clean graphics. Congratulation !!

But one thing i would like to know from you.

on Project page which player you have used.is it any Yii Extension or you have used any Open source plugin. ?

Thank you!

I set two this variables, witch was unsetted


'sourceLanguage' => 'rus',

'language' => 'rus',

so I think it was source of problem :)

I use open source wordpress audioplayer http : // wpaudioplayer . com/ (I can’t attach url coz of newbie)

No issues monoteos, :)

great work.!!

Thank you!