Hi all,

I recently lanched the site www.2dehandsboeken.be

It’s a site where you can place your old - or second hands books on.

Easy to use because:

  • You can enter the ISBN number of the book and the app will search for all information.(Google Book API)

  • You can be friends with other persons.

  • Integration with facebook connect

  • Creations of alerts - you can set a searchstring - when a book with that string is published, you will get an email.

  • Mark books as favorits

Feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

The menu on the left-hand side is a bit plain. I’d throw a very simple gradient on there (not too much though, that would ruin the effect of the website!)

The color of the different "Zoeken" texts on the home page color greenish when I hover them. Looks like an opacity problem.

I would consider re-styling the “Geavanceerd zoeken” page. Currently some of the lines contain the label and the input on the same line, while for some others the input field drops to the next line. Looks a bit messy. For example you could make the search the width of the whole screen and than put the “Meest gezochte zoektermen” below it. That doesn’t have to be as prominent as it currently is anyway (IMO).

Also, I like € 5,- better than just € 5 , but that may be a personal preference.

Other than that, nice site, nice idea :)

Very good idea… congrats

Hi ScanllioXTX,

Thx for your feedback.

What browser / os do you use?

Can you show me the screenshot?

True, will change the layout

Ok :slight_smile:

Great, thx!

I’m on FF 3.6.12 on Win7 Ultimate x64

Here’s the screenshot:



Note the "Zoeken in strips" is greenish

Hope that helps :)