Wrong Status update

Hello folks!

I’m not so good with Yii2 but I’m trying to learn it.

I want to change the status of a friendship from ‘0’ to ‘1’ when I push a button. Because I don’t know how to do that directly, I am trying to do this:

echo Html::a(' Accept friend', ['/users/friendadded', 'id'=>($model->id)], ['class'=>'btn btn-primary']);

and in friendadded.php I’m doing the following:

$friendPetition = Friendship::find()

        ->where(['friend_id'=>($model->id), 'status'=>0])


foreach ($friendPetition as $result) {

    echo "Petition sent from: ";


    echo $friendPetition1;

    echo "Petition sent to: ";


    echo $friendPetition2;


    $friendOn = Friendship::findOne($friendPetition1, $friendPetition2);

    $friendOn->status = 1;



The problem is that $friendPetition2 is ‘6’, but it updates the first one in my database, the friend_id = ‘5’.

If someone can help me…

Thank you very much!