Wrong Display Summary On Cgridview

I have update framework to 1.1.12 (before 1.1.10), but in my CGridView show wrong summary like this:

"Displaying 1-10 of 1 result.|Displaying 1-10 of 1295 results."

I use Indonesian language in my message folder, but in CGridView still show English.

Is it a bug?

Do you use a customized version of the translation message file … /protected/messages/id/zii.php ?

If you do, you have to update your customized version of zii.php.

See the original message file in /framework/messages/id/zii.php.

Change Log of Yii

Change Log of framework/messages/id/zii.php

The change made in 2012/03/21

Solved! thanks for help…