Wow ...

I’m sure there’s going to be an anouncement regarding this soon. But since a massive number of open tickets just got migrated to github, I think I’ll just leave this here:

You are stalking them!

Anyway - great.

Watched and Watched.

I think following the project updates is hardly stalking B)

Ah - clever. :)

The dream is a reality! Big thank you to the Yii team for this!

@jacmoe: Wait a minute. Aren’t you around here longer than I am? :lol:


But I have so many things to keep an eye on - I usually just cast a glance on the Yii front page and this forum of course.

Having to check on Google.code is just too much effort.

Allow me to introduce you to github’s “watch” feature… :)

Heh - I am currently watching 122 projects…

Maybe I just need to use a feed reader instead.