would yii go for github and with git ?

Since there is an unofficial git repo for yii.

would yii go for github and with git ?

I think this may good for this project.

More patchs and pushs would comming for this project.

what do U think of this?

What are the benefits of github vs. Google Code (besides git vs. svn/mercurial)?

I find github hard to navigate. Google Code is very simple and easy to navigate like most Google sites. I like that.


Try Github’s “fork”.

Easy to commit patchs. :lol:

the navigate is just a style.

So much projects have been benefited from github and git style dev way.

BTW,Someone who never use git before,may U read PRO GIT online and try that.

Personally Subversion is still my favorite. It does anything i ever needed from a versioning system.

But maybe i’m just “ugly and stupid”, as Linus Torvalds likes to call those who don’t use git (don’t miss his TechTalk vid on git here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XpnKHJAok8).

I understand the benefits but also I see some cons. For example, GitHub’s issue reporting system is far worse than Google code’s.

I use Mercurial because it’s great.

And because ‘hg’ is one letter less than ‘git’. ;)

Please, let’s move to Github :) Every project that makes sense is moving to Github because it’s easier to fork and contribute. Anybody could contribute to the project and fix some bugs without being part of the of the “official” Yii dev team. Isn’t this the spirit of a real open source project?

from a frustrated Subversion user


What’s so hard to navigate?

How? It looks very similar to me! Can you add more details?


antonio lorusso

Yep, DVCS’s forking is great. Repository and issue tracking just shouldn’t be harder to use than current ones. A possible option is to move to Mercurial while still staying with Google Code.


migration to hg is a good choice with the benefit of google code’s good issue tracking system. :rolleyes:

I prefer Mercurial. With tortoiseHG, it’s very easy to work with.

my 2 cents,

Yii is the only project that I’m using and is NOT on GitHub … not sure about bug-reporting, though.


Some news on githubs issue tracker:

I personally don’t care. I won’t affect my usage of Yii. I prefer Google Code over Github. It seems as though all the cool kids are migrating to github and at appears to be very fashionable, but that’s no reason to move. If Google Code eventually support Git, then I think you’ll see a lot of projects migrate from Github.

I would love it if Yii migrated to Mercurial.

Personally, I really don’t care about Git and Github - in my experience Mercurial is more practical, and there are actually at least as many Mercurial users as Git users.

It’s just that Git users have a really hard time not evangelizing…

Check out Bitbucket to see a list of notable Mercurial users - you’d be surprised.

But, if the Yii team is happy using SVN, what’s wrong with that? :)

The nice thing about git would be:

It’s very very easy for contributors to create their fork, and add some feature on a branch. For a core developer it’s only a matter of seconds to fetch these changes and try them out. And if he likes them, it’s also very easy to merge them into the official branch.

Nice about github: They’ve set up everything to make this process very easy and open to the social web.

Just keep in mind that the same goes for Mercurial - without the inherent weirdness of git. ;)

But, yes: Github has made that process really streamlined - and while Bitbucket has catched on to it, Github is slightly better in that regard.

In all fairness.

Heh, i totally agree, that git is weird in some way - at least you need to have a very well defined workflow in your project. Otherwhise it’s too easy to loose yourself in remotes, topic branches, etc. - git is maybe too flexible ;).

Or as someone put it: git is rather a meta versioning system, that helps to build practically any versioning system you want…