World Airport Codes - global info for airports

Hi all, newbie Yii user here, I was looking for a nice project to get started and I love flying, aircraft and airports - this World Airport Codes was born. Using Twitter Bootstrap, GA and MAPS plugins with Yii (awesome) - you can see the site at World Airport Codes

Things I’m adding when I get more time:

  1. Ability to edit airport info

  2. Adding comments

  3. Make the search work properly :slight_smile:

  4. Automatically grab new data and update if it’s newer

  5. Other cool geo-targeting related stuff

Thanks for looking!

Hello. Nice app.

FYI you can remove Casablanca harbor (?) airport. I guess it points to the now defunct Casablanca Anfa City domestic airport. It’s now gone, and the area is going under new (huge) development: Casablanca Finance City.

Of course, Mohamed V (CMN) is still here. It’s the country’s intl’ hub.

Thanks bennouna, I have removed the airport now. I’ll definitely being adding some sort of facility to request a removal, my vision is to create a crowd-sourced website for all the flying geeks out there!

Hi lhw455

I’m working on a site that needs IATA/FAA, ICAO and if possible Lat and Long details of all the work airfields. Don’t worry it is completely different from your project and will only be used to assist in an autocomplete field. Would you mind letting me know how/where you got all the airfield data you are using?

P.s The Bristol(UK) Filton Airfield is being (or already has been) turned into a BAA museum.