Working with sessions

Hi, I hvae to develop UI to allow admin manage all active site sessions (kill them, stop, freeze, etc). So my question is how could i get data from others sessions (especially im interesting in data set by setState during user login process)? For sessions im using CDbHttpSession class.

can’t get your requirement,

If you want to use parameter system wide which are set by admin initially, you can take a look on following post.

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Thanks for your answer, but it isn`t my my case. Because in that post describing about whole-site variables, but i have to work with user specified variables.

So, I found an answer. Maybe it wil lbe helpfull for somebody _http :// /questions/11503281/yii-how-to-get-data-from-anothers-session/11524711

i am new at yii and i want to use session can any body help me at this section.

Thnk’s in advanced