Working with image in Yii


As i know, Yii have some problems with IMAGE working functionality.

I found one extension "Image" so it code from Kohana framework ;] It works, but it extension require both side from picture (width and height). But i need resize "by one side" ;[

Why Yii do not have no one native extension with image working?

Thank you!

You can use a large value for the other side:

w=400, h=100000 will resize to the width 400.

w=100000 h=400 will resize to the height 400.

oh thanks ;]

If you want to resize to a specific size without destroying the aspect ratio,

you can resize first as above and crop afterwards.

      //resize to 270 x 180 px

      'resize' => array(

                        'width' => 270,

                        'height' => 20000,


                    'crop' => array(

                        'width' => 270,

                        'height' => 180,