working with blueprint css

I want to modify my site views using blueprint css but i have no idea how can i bring it in use. Please suggest me

Blueprint css is dead (last change was on 2011). Are you aware of this?

If you’re just learning, that’s ok, but bear that in mind and you’re probably be better not using it in a real world project.

Hi there,

I’m using Blueprint css in production environment in a new project I’ve just recieved. Didn’t know it’s dead, so: What are the implications on carrying on using it? and What is the css framework/styles recommended to use these days?

Thanks in advance.


Implications? No heavy ones, just the fact that you’re using a non-modern CSS tool. I’m not too familiar with it but I suspect its hardly adapted to the mobile-emphasized world today.

Modern alternatives? Caution - you’re entering a mine field of holy wars…

I’m using Bootstrap 3. A leading competitor can be Foundation CSS framework. That’s pretty much what I can recommend. I’m a server side guy, first and foremost

Thanks for the tip. I was going to post a question along these lines, but this is good info.

**Update - I checked out Foundation CSS which looks way more modern than the Blueprint that yii comes with. I experimented with a new application, and it looks awesome after a little adjusting on views/layouts/main.php. I’m still on localhost but it seems like it would scale down to smart phone size. If there’s a way to make it work on Internet Explorer I haven’t found it yet.

I am a newbie and i am doing my project in yii 1. I am to make a simple site that is Search Engine friendly, bootstrap might lower my site performance so i choose not to use it as i am known nothing for using less of bootstrap in yii. Does yii eradicated the unwanted styles? and implement less and gives a rise in performance?

Hi there,

Thanks to @Boaz I’ve dived into Bootstrap 3 last week and can say it’s a very easy-to-use high-performance framework for styling websites.

You do not need to be familiar with Less to implement Bootstrap since there’s a compiled version they provide. Yii version 1.x comes with Blueprint, which has got really old functions compared to Bootstrap. So, to answer your question briefly about the frameworks we use nowadays: Bootstrap 3 is one of the best options.



Thanks for the tips, i implemented bootstrap and i am happy with the performance. It really does not matter in my site performance.