working demos for Yii 2.0?

dear experts—I am new and learning php and yii user (but experienced programmer).

I love the idea of starting from working webapps and changing them progressively. the demo apps seemed like good starts to me (especially the blog app—it shows off registration and authentication, and hopefully some CRUD, too.).

alas, presumably new learners should start with 2.0 at this point and not with 1.1 (which is how the web page describes the VM). is there a repository of working yii 2.0 webapp demos somewhere? if not, could the experienced guys on this website drop a few working 2.0 examples for us novices? the VM seemed perfect, but anything will do. beggars can’t be choosers.



Hi check this out


The advanced template has things like registration and authentication already integrated. :)

You can find everything needed with browsing the code.

For other topics I suggest you read the guide:

This is very straightforward and teaches nearly everything.


I finally got my hands dirty. (trembling hands…) the template creation system is indeed great and gives a working app right out of the box, thus helping get over a lot of hurdles.

having said this, it would be even better if there were a couple of webapps to run, inspect and download in a VM, in increasing complexity and using best practices for inspection of how the gurus do it. we have some for yii1. hope we will get a few for yii2.

yii2 is an awesome tool.


There’s available at Code isn’t ideal but is OK.