Workflow to start changing Yii appereance

I’m trying to get familiar with Yii themes and appereance in order to change Yii application outlook.

I still didn’t get well understanding about what to do if I have to change all Yii appereance dramatically.

Can someone give me a hints where should I put my fingers at least.

  1. Where should i write my CSS? inside protected/views/xxx/xxx or where?

  2. What about layout, in the classic theme, there is white centered container in every page, how to change this, like colors, borders and maybe size and so on? Or making different style of containers? What about navi bars?

  3. And the exact layout for like the specific sites, like views/site/login.php, i just write html and maybe CSS code there to fill my bills?

More simply, what files should I change and what files should i create to be able change Yii appereace totally almost in every area and every view?

  1. In the most basic scenario you can use CSS same way as in any PHP/HTML application attaching it with <link type="text/css"> tag from protected/views/main.php

  2. With CSS.

  3. Yes.

Files layout depends on application you are trying to customize.

Thanks, that just the information i was looking becouse i wasnt sure should I just insert my own CSS stuff in my own way to the application or look the formal way.