Work Offered / Developer needed

I want to start building my personal platforms on yii2. but I need help in the first design and basic building blocks. Bascially a base skeleton application with most of the features every platform needs

(templates, user roles, translations, nice admin panel, good debug messages, cashing, bootstrap datagrid views, some ajax implementation, login and show different pages according to the userrole , new user registation and validation, seo urls etc.)

Even though there are a lot of items, there is nothing fancy going on. Just a basic application that everyone can use to build their own.

This skeletal application will then be offered open source to anyone who want to learn yii2.

I think this will help the field in understanding and using yii2

Anyone interested?.. drop me a pm

Something like this?

Yes, probably like this framework, just even more extended with some additional features.

I will probably use this as the starting point