Wordpress Multi Site Like Plugin For Yii

Is there any plugin that can be of help for designing something like the multi site in wordpress ?

Can you please explain it more?

Websites like blogger and wordpress allows users to customize the users blog’s css, user interface, allows users to add new plugins etc… And above all the allow completely independant sub-site (multi site) to run under the main application (application here reffers to the main site that is blogger.com or wordpress.com).

I got a project that needs features mentioned above. The timeline the client has provided is very short. I was searching for technologies that could be used for developing a website like wordpress.com or blogger.com. It will be an impossible task for me to code the entire thing on my own in the timeline the client has provided.

So I was wondering if any extensions or plugins are available in Yii for creating a multi site like website.

Yii Provide this using Themes.

What you have to do is to have database structure like that

themes - Contains information about all themes

blocks - Blocks of a page

Widgets - List of Widgets along with their configurations

now, you have to build the relation of these with user

user_theme : user_id,blog_id, theme_id

user_theme_blocks : user_id, blog_id, theme_id, block_id

user_theme_block_widget : user_id,blog_id, theme_id, block_id, widget_id

Now, A user can have his own unique theme with selected blocks and widgets

Hope this will help…