Wordpress integration

Hi all

I have already used Yii for a couple of websites and I really think its the best php framework solution for me as a developer. Now though I have to put a wordpress blog in an existing Yii powered website. I can either just design the wordpress template to match the website header(copying all images/css/js needed into wordpress) or I want to try something more interactive like including Yii in wordpress and then render the header view from the site in the header.php of wordpress. I havent tried yet. What do you think is it possibly and if so what is the perfermance overhead on the WP blog. Is there going to be any significant/noticeable slowdown of the blog.

in wp-config:



and then in the wordpress file probably something like


Interested in hearingyour thoughts.

Well your explanation seems to be valid and in theory should work.

As long as you don’t “run” the application inside your wordpress installation, you will be able to use the Yii instance in every place you need. (however, i would instantiate the application in index.php not in config file).

The overhead won’t be that visible, depends on how much you will access Yii inside your wordpress blog.

And if you see that your blog gets slow, there are tons of wp plugins to aleviate this by using caching and script optimization.

Why not try it first and see the issues you find, then post them here so we can all see them ?

Please try Yii Bridge plugin for Wordpress, which can be download from wpDOT69digitalDOTcom