Wordpress And Yii

Hello. I have a website that is built with yii and I also need to add a blog for this website … I just want to put the Wordpress install inside a folder “/blog”, and let Wordpress do its thing. That’s it.

Now here’s the problem. I want to use the same theme of the website for Wordpress. The problem is, my website theme has widgets runned by Yii, so by placing the layout code into a Wordpress theme, I will end up with error, as Yii functions are not recognized.

My question is, what to I do? I thought of creating a new Wordpress theme, in which I create a Yii WebApplication, the instance only.


Ok, I did that. Great, it works, I know have access to Yii::app()->createUrl(‘whatever’) inside my Wordpress theme files.

But here is the problem, Yii::app()->clientscript->registerScript does not work.

My question is, is there a way I can make registerScript work, without actually making the Yii app ->run() ?