Word/BuddyPress site - Hate it - How Convert to Yii?


I had to create a site quickly for a local art exhibition (http://saloarte.org). I used Wordpress/Buddypress because it had to be done quickly but it’s awful to work with because of the little hacks to make it function.

The Spec is as follows

Two languages for everything

Artists have their own profiles and galleries that they access by logging in

Moderated comment system for normal web users (I want people to be able to just quickly write a comment without being logged in)

Admin Blog

Admin Galleries

SEO control over titles

Friendly urls (the one thing that the current site has perfect ie: http://saloarte.org/artists/angel-vera/gallery/ )

Activity Stream (optional)

I’m a little rusty with Yii (I created a site with galleries, forums, users etc a year or so ago but it’s still at the nearly finished stage!) so would like some pointers to Extensions and any advice about how to begin.

I like the idea of using a framework rather than a CMS as I can design from the ground up.