Hi Yii community,

I spent couple of days adapting this wizard behavior for multipage forms for my need.

I’d like to share the result I got so far and I’d be interested in your oppinions and suggestions. I bundled a little demo application, unfinished yet but working so far and halfway documented, so you can see my WizardBehavior in action. Im not using the Stateful feature for storing the WizardId in this demo yet, but it works for the project i am using it. So feel free to experiment and share your criticism :slight_smile:



Damned I wanted to update the demo from the last post but I must not upload any more files. Anybody knowing how to remove the old demo? Got a more working example.

Yes, go to edit your profile. And in the "Setting" section of your profile, manage the attacments.

Thank you, that worked :-).

Here is a more complete example. Its still not fully functional but more advanced than the last one and easier to use.

I’d say, the WizardBehavior is now in BETA State and the invisible mode is also working. Please feel free to experiment with the settings and/or to extend the demo with more real life setups. General Feedback, bug reports, comments, criticism and even commendation is very welcome :slight_smile: