WizardBehavior extension behaving weird

When testing WizardBehavior locally, everything works fine. When loading it to my server, instead of the Form section in the page, the browser displays ‘Object id #32’. The rest of the page is displayed correctly.

The call to the page from the controller is:

	$form = $model->getForm();

	$this->render('form', compact('event','form'));

The view (form.php) is:


echo $event->sender->menu->run();

echo '<div>Step '.$event->sender->currentStep.' of '.$event->sender->stepCount;

echo '<h3>'.$event->sender->getStepLabel($event->step).'</h3>';

echo CHtml::tag('div',array('class'=>'form'),$form);

and the PlayerLogin (my first step in the wizard) model is:


class PlayerLogin extends CFormModel {

	public $pwd;

	public $pwd_repeat;

	public $email;

	public function rules() {

		return array(

			array('pwd,pwd_repeat,email', 'required'),

			array('pwd', 'compare', 'message'=>'Passwords do not match'),

			array('email', 'email')



	public function getForm() {

		return new CForm(array(




					'hint'=>'Your e-mail address - this will be used as your username'





					'hint'=>'Recommended 8-12 characters; letters, numbers, and underscore; mixed case and at least 1 digit',




					'label'=>'Repeat Password',

					'hint'=>'Re-type your password',









		), $this);



and this is the render from Chrome:

<ul id="wzd-menu">

  <li class="wzd-active wzd-first"><a href="/ttt/tournamentRegister/registration?step=playerLogin">Player Login/a></li>

  <li><span>Player Info</span></li>

  <li><span>Player Profile</span></li>

  <li><span>Event List</span></li>

  <li class="wzd-last"><span>Register</span></li>


<div>Step 1 of 4

  <h3>Player Login</h3>

  <div class="form">Object id #32</div>


Any help would be appreciated greatly.

note: moved to proper forum ( extensions )

I’m not sure its related to the extension, it might be something with the CFormModel or a server setting that someone may have run into in different scenario.

Maybe a better title would be: ‘Object ID’ displayed instead of CFormModel content.

looks like there is a var_dump somewhere in the extension code