I write litte wizard, which update data in database. To manipulate data I use ActiveRecord. My problem is that to save data to database I have to change data in form. But I would like that as it will not change the data to go to the next stage. I tried to change isNewRecord to true, method save to update but it does not help.

Thanx for help!

So for instance on the form if you press "submit" without changing any of the data, the save() returns false?  I believe this is a bug that was fixed in the SVN

yes, return false. I use 1.0.1 released version.


so nobody else?

question to qiang. This is the bug or normal behavior save method?

Thanx for help.

This was fixed on Jan. 17, which means it's not in 1.0.1.

ok, I get SVN version :)