Without Refreshing The Page The Div Content Redirect To Another Page

Hi gud mrng,

    	Hi frdz,I have one doubt one in ajax redirection,

              	I am new to yii . i have one form in that [b]profile picture[/b] upload is a one div if i upload the image, the page will redirect without refreshing the form the image display in redirected page after crop my image and click the sumbit button the cropped image will display in the form page in a particular div i.e [b]profile picture[/b] div.

Any one know this plz reply me… :)

Can you write down some example code?

Thank u for ur reply

i am just asking is it possible? if possible means give the syntax 

Initially you can do the upload the cropping in a iframe then replace the div with the uploaded image through ajax.

The iframe contents must be partially rendered