Will yii 3 follow Monorepo approch?



Hopefully not.

From the article:

  • Every tag in monorepo, is also in all manyrepos.

So a breaking change in one project is a breaking change in all projects, even though 99% haven’t even changed?

When you are splitting the mono-repo and using the many repos via composer (usually read-only) it’s very hard to submit PRs and contribute. We have that with yii2 and yii2-dev

We have a handful of “monorepos on a namespace level” like https://github.com/dmstr/yii2-db - and upgrading sucks big time, when one sub-component has breaking changes; we do not split the repo, but it would also not help much IMHO.

Not, it won’t. Separate independent repositories. It’s a hell right now but based on what we have with extensions, it will be easier to maintain further.