Will it cover PHP 4 upcoming

Yii 2.0 is on the road and parallely the PHP 5.4 is on the way so will Yii-2.0 include PHP 5.4 features ?

you mean 5.4 right ?

Yii 2 will be on top of php 5.3

At the same time we’ll try to make it compatible with 5.4 so you’ll be able to use all 5.4 features.

What about traits ( php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.traits.php ) ? Is in the plan to use these in conjunction with the current bheaviors ?

No. I’ve evaluted traits and can say that these aren’t suitable to replace behaviors bacause of their stateless nature.

Thanks for your quick updates any announcement on Yii 2.0 release ?

Not yet.