Will Cache Solve this prbolem?

I am building a small app with a lot variations of calculations that results in a dynamic pricing table with many rows/cols.

This table is meant for 1 client and each client will get tables with different number of rows/cols. And there are over 100 clients and it has to be delivered in a PDF to each of them at A CLICK of a Button…

so there it goes, calculation which involve loops after loops after loops after loops for 1 table x 100 times including the PDF generation and email sending making the server so slow and timing out that its not usable at all.

I want to know if Yii has any built in mechanism to handle this… can Cache solve this? I mean storing these dynamic tables in Yii Cache for fast retrieval

Any other ideas? Thanks!

You can store the generated PDFs on the file system, for example. See CFileCache.

Also, check the guide on caching out.

Thank you mentel!!