Will be yii2-app-advanced and yii2-app-basic deprecated?


Will be yii2-app-advanced and yii2-app-basic deprecated? Because there is a new skeleton that is called yii2-app which directory structure is very unique, it looks like that was inspired by Laravel.

So what is the suggestion? If I want to create a backend-frontend separated application then should I use the new new yii2-app skeleton or the older advanced skeleton?

I know the new template does not use the Vagrant and Docker too, maybe these two new feature will be thorwn out too?

Many thanks.

See this page: https://github.com/yiisoft You still have:

yii2, yii2-app-basic, yii2-app-advanced

The first one is core (vendor stuff), that’s updated with composer, no need to download.

His doubt is about templates.

yii2-app is a template like yii2-app-basic or yii2-app-advanced.

yii2-app !== yii2

Yes, I meant the templates. The yii2-app and yii2-app-basic almost the same templates. They have almost the same features.

But the directory structure of yii2-app template is very different.

It has a .env file and no docker and vagrant support currently.

So that is confusing me, if I want to create a basic yii application, which template should I use?

The new yii2-app, or the "old" yii2-app-basic.

yiisoft/yii2-app is a template for version 2.1 wich is under development. Check the Roadmap and that feed

You can use yii2-basic-app or yii2-advanced-app templates for 2.0.x versions, and yii2-app is only for 2.1.x version.