Hello Yii community,

I’d like to introduce you to a new project we have released: Wiklab.nl .

What is Wiklab.nl?

Wiklab is a playful application to help you make up your mind, as you can often encounter difficulties in making the right choice. For example when choosing for a school for your kids, buying a new house or even when trying to find the right name for your baby !


Wiklab.nl is a web application currently running on Yii 1.1.9 and with these modules and extensions:

  • Role Based Access Control : RBAM

  • Authentication with Oauth and Facebook Connect using both Eoauth and yii-Eauth

  • URL shortener: bitly-url-shortener

  • Smart load of Javascript / CSS files (specially when handling a lot of dialog windows) : NLSClientScript

  • Yii-Mailer: a custom mail wrapper with a ZendMailConnector. (will maybe be published as a yii extension some day.)

I hope you enjoy it (for those who have a bit knowledge in Dutch of course).




Hi Yann,

Your site sounds interesting, I really wish there was English translation though so I could try it out!

I have posted a question to a relative thread inside the forum:


Take a look if you spare the time. I tried to use yii-eauth extension with no luck

never mind I just forgot to edit accessRules inside the controller :P

I am using yii-user and yii-auth. I guess, you are also in using the same but when I try to signing using gmail id to Google from /user/login page, i get the url hostname/project/user/user/login/service/google. I am not able to rectify this problem. Please help and thanks in advance.