Wiki syntax manual?

Is there some manual on how to write texts on Yii Wiki?

I know that this is h4:


This is list:

  • one
  • two

H3 is this:


This is code:

$a = 5;
select * from

… but how to use other formatting? For example yii documentation looks good. How did they write headers? Do you know more tricks?


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Aha aha… but Wiki still cannot really work with headers. If I use # (which should be h1) then h4 is rendered and the table of contents is appended so I must use ## … and these headers have small margin so things are too close. Isnt there some limitation?

Yes. H1 is taken.

Ok. And how can i create h2? As you said, # is h1, but renders h4. Therefore ## should be h2, but h5 is rendered instead in my document. I want to use bigger headers which will visualy separate chapters. Or is it intentionally unsupported feature?

Yes, these are intentionally not supported in the wiki. H1 is taken by website overall header, H2 is taken by article title.