Wiki-Style Editor Based On Jmarkitup And Wikitext


It’s my first extension for Yii.

So, this is what i’ve done:

I used jMarkItUp widget, jquery.ui.dialog and jquery.wikitext.

  1. I took jMarkitupEditor extension and used JWikiSyntaxEditor from it.

  2. In the jquery.marktitup.js script I overloaded the function "preview", using jquery.ui.dialog instead of IFrame.

  3. Now, when I press the "preview" button I get a text from markItUp textarea and make html from wiki code using jquery.wikitext.

  4. Next a modal dialog appears and the result is shown to a user without opening a new window or adding a new textarea below the editor window.

I added the following new tags into the JWikiSyntaxEditor set (like in wikimedia): div, span, u, sub, sup.

If someone is going to use this extension I can upload it into Yii extenstions storage or gitHub.

Below you can see screenshots of the updated extension