Wiki Integration

Hi everyone - I’m new to the Yii platform and forums. I’m looking to integrate wiki functionality into a Yii deployment we have, and before I just select something and run with it, I wanted to know if anyone had any experience, recommendations, or best practices to share…?

is there an easy and fast / simple way to integrate a wiki into my site? I want it to be “self contained” in taht it will be a separate section of the site, password protected, etc. I’d like it to be PHP based, and integrated over time with other areas of the site - think Knowledge Base Articles or somethign of that nature.

Should I just setup a separate installation of whatever wiki program I choose and then navigate away from Yii, or is there something or some way to do it inside the Yii installation? Pros vs cons…??

Thanks for any help you can provide.


There is a WikiExt extension for Yii that’s built on the Creole wiki markup, that parses the pages to HTML.

You can create a (simple) Wiki with revisions and history tracking very easily with Yii.


Thanks imehesz – are there any tutorials or walkthroughs available that you know of?? I’m not familiar with Creole at the moment.


For the markup itself, the only thing you need to know is the "language" itself so this cheat-sheet might be helpful.

As for a tutorial, I’m actually working on a very similar right now (it’s in Hungarian) but I embedded enough code, that you might be able to figure things out.

It is NOT tested, I’m only working on it maybe 30 mins/week :confused: so don’t use it in a production environment


Try SimpleWiki. Is very simple

SimpleWiki is a markup language specification, and the parser/emitter module for php5.