Wiki for Yii


I was just recently trying to find a Wiki extension for Yii and I realized there is none …

So I quickly adopted one (based on the Creole Markup)

check it out:



Isn’t it better to use markdown that is common for Yii?

I think that having a variety of different markup is a great bonus, Some may want to use the wiki syntax while others prefer the markdown.


Well… yes.


It would be nice if this one could change markup syntax. Probably by implementing some king of an interface.

samdark, do you mean you’d like to be able to switch between markup syntaxes?


The simplewiki is a good implementation of Creole 1.0 and support decorators and macro

I don’t think that’s the point, but it would be great to be able to use the markup language that you and/or your users are familiar with.

That’s really important. :)

I am using Textile in my project (issue tracker), so when I decide on adding wiki functionality, I will definitely use Textile.

Textile is better suited for wiki markup than Markdown IMO - it has more features.

I will definitely be using this, and if I manage to integrate Textile in a clean way, I’ll share it.