I’ve started an extension for the Open source version of the Wijmo widgets (some examples here) but it is taking a bit too long and I think I’m giving up on this ;) Also cause I’m not actually needing them.

I’ve started from the CJuiWidget components so the idea is to have it compatible with the parameters of the current Zii CJuiWidget set and I’ve made a prototype with a partially working date picker

At this time should be easy, but also time consuming, to do the rest of the work. So if someone is interested I can give him the code I made up to now. It would be nice to have them as part of Zii but at the same time I fear that it could add complexity and bring mess.

Anyway that widgets seems to be well done. The calendar doesn’t look too different but if you click on the month it will act as the windows 7 calendar… also the splitter and other ones are nice.

Let me know ;)



Thanks for pointing to that great Wijmo widgets library.

Hi Virtual DarKness,

I’m interested in your start on the extension of the Wijmo Library, especially in the splitter.

Best regards



Will be very interesting to have this widgets set on yii

I’ll be watching this thread…