Widgets Theming


I don’t understand how works theming with widgets (Incomprehensible doc).

By default the jquery-ui.css is loaded in the JUI widgets [vendor/yiisoft/yii2jui/ThemeAsset.php].

But in some widgets (by example the DatePicker) I don’t want to use this CSS file, I want to use a theme made by me.

How can I change this ? How to don’t load this css file for specific jquery-ui widgets ?

Thank you :)

With Yii2, you can use the Yii Asset Manager and override any asset globally like this. Set this in your config file

return [

    // ...

    'components' => [

        'assetManager' => [

            'bundles' => [

                'yii\jui\ThemeAsset' => [

                     'sourcePath' => '@frontend/myassets', // any path for your env

                     'css' => ['css/custom.jquery.ui.css']






Thank you for your reply, I understand more now.

But if I just don’t want to use the jquery.ui.css file for a widget, is it possible ?

PS : thank you for your awesome Yii2 widgets ;D