widget VS old methods?

Hello everyone,

This is probably a question already asked numerous times but i can’t seem to find an answer in the topics:

I’m creating a small site with a news, contact, some regular info etc but I have a dilemma; why and when using and creating a widget and when doing it old school with a for each loop.

If i do it old school i save tons of time and lines of code and i only need to use it at one place and the template isn’t a problem either. Besides this widgets seem to only be usefull when you use dateproviders while I tend to take a shorter route with AR.

Can someone give a bit a advice on when to use widgets best?


I would use a widget anytime I would need the same display on more then one page. Also you dont need any dataprovider you can add any data to a widget. Just overwrite the public vars.