Widget loading in module

I have created a admin module, and in this module i have a Post-model. In my main application i have also a Post-model and a Post widget for displaying the latest 10 posts in my sidebar.

But when i access one of the Crud functions inside my admin module for Post i get this error:

"Post and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "findRecentPosts"."

But findRecentPosts() is only available inside my main application Post-model and not within my admin module Post-model.

Why does Yii also loads the Post widget inside my admin module?

Edit: I see a module also imports the main application models, is it a possibility to turn this off and only use the models within the module?

Edit2: Never mind, i think i made a thinking mistake ;-), off course i can only use the main application models in my admin.